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    Minimum Salary - INR 40,000 Per Month

  • No collateral

    Loan Amount - Upto INR 500,000

  • Features

    Tenure - 6 Months to 36 Months

  • Features

    Zero Processing Fee

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  • My loan was approved quickly. I only had to fill out an application, speak with a member of their staff and provide the necessary documentation. The process was easy to follow.

    - Vinod Yadav

Interest Rate & Other Charges

Tenure 6 to 36 Months
Annual Percentage Interest 18% to 36%
Foreclosure Charges No Foreclosure Charges.*
Processing Fees & Other Charges Nil
Part Payment Charges Nil*

*As per Terms & Conditions of the Loan Agreement.

Shivakari Finance aims to provide you with the best services. Secure a loan from us to enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Quick Approval
  2. Flexible Tenure
  3. Minimal Documentation
  4. Affordable repayment
  5. No collateral required
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does one require a personal loan?

A Personal loan is an ideal solution during a financial crisis. Be it wedding expenses, home renovation or medical emergency, a personal loan helps you meet your immediate financial needs as they are easy to get, fast in disbursal and require no collateral.

2. What documents are required to procure a personal loan?

You will typically need to provide the following documents to get a loan:

  • 1. Proof of identity.
  • 2. Proof of address.
  • 3. Proof of income.
3.How do I get a loan from Shivakari Finance?

Simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  • 1. Fill in the application form online.
  • 2. Receive a call from our team who will provide you with the best solution.
  • 3. Provide the required documentation.
  • 4. Get the money in your account! Your funds are ready to help you grow your business.
4. How much time will it take to get my loan?

It takes approximately 2 - 4 working days to disburse your loan from the date of completion of your business loan application.

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  • When I met with a financial emergency in my family, Shivakari Finance assisted me by approving my loan in only two days. The team was supportive and helped me customize the loan as per my preferences.

    - Ajay Sharma

Get A Personal Loan from us and fulfil your requirements!

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